Tree Removal Cost

2Other issues come to mind as well. What if while you’re digging, you accidentally hit a pipe near one of the tree’s roots, causing a leak? This could mean more expense out of your pocket, and piping work is never inexpensive. Now, you can always recruit the help of some more knowledgeable friends but there’s still an inherent risk that you may cause some damage to your home. This risk doesn’t really exist when you contract with a professional to remover. Most legitimate tree removal companies are covered by liability insurance, which means in the case that they do some damage to your property, or one of their workers gets injured on the job site, you will nor be held responsible.

3If on the other hand you were to ask a friend over to help you with the project, and he/she gets injured, you can be held legally responsible. In the overall scheme of things, it makes sense to take the professional route. The typical tree removal cost is a little over $100 but typically less than $500. There are several factors that can determine what a tree removal project will cost. First is the actual size of the tree. As the height of the tree increases, the price will go up as well. There are several reasons for this. A taller tree will require more specialized equipment to actually get it down (like a crane). And then there’s the issue of disposal fees. A taller tree means more waste that has to be disposed of. You may find more information at All Trees Perth.

If you’re dealing with a tree that is over 100 feet in height, you can expect a reasonable company to charge you over $1000 as the tree removal cost. Now, there are some things you should know before hiring a professional to do the job. One of these things is that the price does not reflect what most of us would consider a “complete removal. What you will get for the prices we quoted above is typically a tree cut down to the stump. Root removal requires an additional cost as it can be tedious and complicated.